Thursday, June 21, 2007


Well, much fun was had when we started the first date of our headline part of the June tour. We started in Newcastle, which was an ok show. Weve never seen so much rain ever!! We saw some friends which was fun, and the next day made our way to Scotland to play the 2 dates in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

There was a good turn out for both shows, and everyone seemed to be really into the new material from the LP. I had started feeling a bit ill just before the Glasgow show, which led us to cancel the next show, which was Manchester. We were a bit gutted about that because we were also having an aftershow at The Koffee Pot later in the evening, which was fun last time, but as far as im aware the show is being reshedualed for September.

It was a bit touch and go on our way down to London for the next show wether we'd be able to play, as i was feeling pretty rubbish, but we decided we'd try and get through it. It was a good show and we played a new song, an instrumental called 'Communique', which people seemed to have liked.

Last night we finished the last date, which was for Kings College Ball in Cambridge. It was quite strange, and their was free drinks all night. We did all get quite drunk. The set was ok, but the people dancing didnt really seem to understand what we were doing! People were slipping over during the set, which made us laugh!

I guess thats it really, we had a lot of fun, and thanks to everyone for coming to see us. The singles now out and available to buy and download, so go and do that now if you havent already!

See you all soon

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